Saturday, April 10, 2010

Creative Writing Class

There are a few exhilarating things I have done intelectually, and this is one of them. I opened a Creative Writing Class for students in my school under the pretext of handling the Journalism Club. Of course, members of the Journalism Club are compulsory to attend but you know how it will turn out with these busy children. Them and their activities! Instead the class was attended by ELEVEN children who were really interested in making it as writers, and some of them are not club members. ELEVEN? you ask. ELEVEN for something free? That is pathetic. Actually, eleven is quite a large turn out, for my standards. I mean, this is no Glee Club. ( And Glee Club has like, what, seven kids in it).

I started with Module 1: Why Write and Write For Money. I gave them reasons and consequences. And I lay out a game plan for kids who are 15 and this plan is going to fully take off when they are 24. I didn't forget to stress the point that 'writing may be an alternative to formal vocation' but 'writing or formal vocation will never replace education'. I stressed on the importance of reading, learning and going the furthest children can go in attaining knowledge.

And I got some mind-boggling questions and opinions from these 15 year old kids which I seldom see in formal classroom situation,such as:

1. How do I send out my stories? (Will be revealed in Module 2)
2. How long will I take to finish one novel? (For fifteen year olds who have their dinner served by their moms, 2 years maximum)
3. Science fiction writing takes up more time for research.
4. Some 'new' genres of writing - comic script writing, thriller-fantasy-romance.

It was exhilarating and absolutely heady. But there is a problem when you're handling a one-woman show. I got too excited that I forgot to take any photos of this excellent session. The camera was in my handbag but I was too busy talking and kids were busy asking questions that I forgot to even take out the camera and ask a kid to snap some photos.

So, this week -  I am going to take some photos for Module 2: How to Publish Your Writing.

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