Friday, April 16, 2010


I realize that I spend a lot of time WAITING. I am waiting for a film which is still at the stage of action choreography (Man, does that mean they already have a storyboard? Can I find that on the Internet?). I am waiting for that phone call that will change my life (and it is getting LATE, VERY late). I am waiting for people to leave and return (if they are planning to come back and sometimes, most of the time, they don't). I am waiting for people to leave for good.I  am waiting for a lot of things. Life is one long (hoepfully) cycle of waiting.

When I wait, I focus more on work-related tasks, senseless day-dreaming, and menial housework.This means less time for tasks are meaningful to my heart and mind.

I want to live more and wait less, or even better have no term in my vocabulary for waiting. I want to go on and on, doing things, thinking out things.

In my mind, I have at least 5 stories to tell and write down. I have at least one charcoal portrait to draw. And 2 silat books are waiting to be read on the bookshelf ( TETAK: Tempur Tangan Kosong - heady stuff).

So, let this be a reminder that I am putting an end to this activity of wasting time.

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