Monday, March 29, 2010

MERANTAU (2009): Lessons for Writers of Creative Fiction (Part 4)

The Final Part of the series:

5. The Importance of Closure

Yuda, who decided that he was going to use his fist, had caused a few of his nemesis' death, intentionally or otherwise. He was tainted. He had taken a fighter's path of life. He killed, so he then somehow meet his end being killed. And yes, he could only fight to a limit. He could only fight a certain number of men up to a certain time. He was not a superhero or demigod. He did not have that kind of power. By the time he beat up the unrepentant Ratger, he had been running and kicking for 12 hoursstraight with a few seconds rest consisting of some breathing exercise. He was human after all. So the writer had to end his life in fiction.

Wonderfully, the writer gave the poor viewers closure. Yuda rescued like 3000 girls from human trafficking. He gave a new and safe home for Astri and Adit.  He put a definite end to Ratger and Luc's exploits. He died saving the world. He kept his promise to his mother - he would 'do his best' and he would 'return'. He told Astri there would be people who love her. And before that, to Eric, the disillusioned silat practitioner - 'he'll never be the man he (Eric) has become'.

So, thank you, Mr. Writer of Merantau (2009), for writing this model of martial arts writing. Salut. Can't wait for your next writing foray.

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