Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spelling Bee (Form 3) 2010 SMK Pandan Jaya

Keeping it real. (Chief Torturer & Queen Bee)

Syafinaz (3RK1): This is a walk in the park... (or so she thought)
Fikri (3ES1) : Ooops!

What can be the worst form of torture other than a Spelling Bee competition? Do you how to spell 'isthmus'? Worst, what on Earth is 'isthmus'? But the Third Formers of SMK Pandan Jaya stood their ground. Some even returned the next day to watch their friends compete. Tomorrow will be the final round of the competition before we wrap up the whole thing and announce the 9 grand prize winners!

I tell you, people. I hated high school when I was a teenager. But now, high school is the place to be. You can see more of the world in a high school than anywhere else on Earth.

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