Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Creative Writing Class (4)

This week's tutorial had the attendance of 6 students (yay!). And it was a very important session because we were creating the heroes/ heroines (?) of our novels. Students fill up this A4 sheet of profile provided by yours truly and it was amazing that they were able to fill it up so quickly. These kids are truly in their element! And next came the presentation.

Automatically, most students find their GENRE and their PLOT once they fill up the sheet. A boy named Firdaus, 15, is going to write a fantasy-thriller. His novel's main character is bent on finding who murdered his father and he has the ability to have glimpses of the future. It is a great combination of motivation and ability, setting the story into a heady course.

And the ladies! Filzah (15), Aida & Linda (16), Shuhada and Zuriana (17), created characters unclear in their motivations except for Filzah's main character's search for her missing parents. The characters are more like they're on holiday in Korea or something. And these students realize that their genre will be domestic (romance, family, comedy)
All I can say is - what ever rocks your boat! I can't make everyone become sad and moody and hell-bent on finding redemption. And have I got photos!
Aida Farzana and her camera. It is Journalism Club anyway! Firdaus doing more scribbling.
Filzah presenting her hero profile. Linda watches.


  1. Salam.

    I just discovered your blog today, and my, oh my! I feel so 'hurt' to find out that you have actually begun writing blog entries since March! How can I call myself your Number 1 fan when the existence of this blog is unbeknown to me? Sigh...

  2. Juliana Es,

    Thank you for dropping by. Thank you for following. And thank you for being officially being my number one fan.