Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Test of Time: You Know You're Old When...

This is it! The tests you will notice once they begin and they will not stop. You know you're getting there when these start happening:

1. Your mother quotes a clever sentence that you said some months back to illustrate its relevance to the current crisis she is facing. (Go with the flow, Mom. See how the situation is like at that moment. Don't see too far into the future. You'll go crazy if you do that)

2. You are solving your parents' crises. (Not once, not twice)

3. The contestant representing your kind of music wins American Idol every year. (Logically, the demography of votes for music most likely to be accepted by people between 30-90 will be much more than the votes for contestants representing the music most likely to be accepted by people between 10-29. Go Lee! Starts singing 'Princess'.)

4.The rules your parents have for your younger siblings have changed a lot since your time. (What? An unchaperoned visit to the fiance's family home? What an outrage!)

5. You are excited that Martha Stewart is coming to town. (I want to know why I can't pour hot tea into a cold porcelain teapot. Really. It's been bugging me since I saw that episode)

This list will continue...

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