Saturday, May 15, 2010

Teachers' Day: A Pre-Celebration Reflection

Have you ever, in your disillusionment, said to yourself - "They'll never going to take that away from me" ? Well, I've got news. Anything and everything that can be taken away from you, WILL be taken away from you. You just don't know when.

Anything and everything can be complex things and the simplest things - your job, your riches, your car, your house, your family, the ability to move your fingers, your senses. And being able to write about this simple topic doesn't mean that I have fully reconciled this basic fact in my life. I get angry, I get disatisfied, I get afraid, I get totally vulnerable. I can't reconcile the fact that things I perceive with my senses are just temporary. Even a thousand years is temporary. Let alone the time span of 31 working years. I just should have known better that the highest of highs I feel now and the lowest of lows are temporary.

The best thing to do now is not to take things for granted. Easier said than done. To do this, you have to be in this constant state of euphoria, breathing in, taking it all in, basking in every sensation you experience. What if the day gets really bad and you can't put head or tail of the pressing matter in perspective? You can't see what will matter in the next twenty years and you just think about this moment and you are confused.

I don't know. As I write this down, I realize that I have nothing to offer in the long run of things. These words you can't keep for too long. What I am trying to do now is to just go through day by day ALIVE in my heart and my soul as my body stays nourished with its worldly needs. I try to be grateful that my loved one returned late instead of not returning at all. I try to be grateful that I can still walk, talk and do what I am supposed to do eventhough I am not doing it perfectly. I am grateful that my breath still leaves a stain on the bathroom mirror.

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