Friday, May 14, 2010

Creative Writing Class (Module 5): Writing Fantasy

The club meeting clocked the attendance of 11 students (an all time high), and only 5 of the total are club members. But I wasn't prepared for the interest that these students showed.

For the first session, which is 'Creating Worlds', I collected some weird ideas - a planet where the inhabitants live to wage war, a planet made of chocolate, a planet of only carnivores, and two Pandora-like planets.

The second session is 'Creating the Hero'. The heroes live on the aforementioned planets, so there is a hero who is bent on waging war (a war commander with the ability to see the future). I commented that the hero is more suitable to be a villain. There is hero who is bent on finding more chocolate. (I couldn't bring myself to comment that the idea is a tad too childish). There's this idea of making the Pandora-like planet facing the threat of the Sparta-like planet.

"Creating the Nemesis' is the third session. There are more fantastical creatures being made. But I want to highlight the curses these students put on their heroes and nemesis. There are curses based on time frame, one curse that will be undone by true love,  and curse of death (aren't we all cursed that way).

None of the students are thinking about writing a story set in the dimensions of time and space on Earth. Maybe they think that this has been done to death.

Until we meet again.

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