Monday, September 20, 2010


The moment I read the opening lines of Frozen Fire, I grabbed the book and paid for it, even it was after the financially taxing Aidilfitri and seven days away from payday. The opening lines are THAT good.

"I am dying," said the voice. Dusty clutched the phone.

Non-Bookish Man-of-the-House: Do you need that? Now?
Bookish Woman-of-the-House: Yes. Now.
Non-Bookish Man-of-the-House: Why?
Bookish Woman-of-the-House: Because I'm worth it.

And after that, the book just took me away from one rollercoaster ride after another. Cerebrally and emotionally. I am always intrigued by how the mind copes with loss of a loved one when there is no body to bury and how one reconciles that kind of missing and longing till the end of her days. This book rekindles that fear. There is this crazy chase scene that is real and grounded yet as dangerous as a Bourne movie chase.

And there's the suicidal boy. Who is as white as snow, hauntingly beautiful, possesses superhuman strengths and seemingly able to read minds. Ah, another damn vampire book, you say. But no! The origin of the suicidal boy is never reconciled and it was beautifully done as everyone involved in the story has seen and touched the boy but do not know what he really is. Which is the reason why the writer uses the third person point of view in a story which is perfect for a first person point of view, to signify that the main character is not making things up, but what she sees is seen by other people. The boy just disappeared from the story after his existence has served its purpose, which is to make Dusty (victim of loss) to know the truth and Angelica (victim of rape) to let go.

My guess about the boy: He is an alien, made of pure energy, who crashlanded on Earth and absorbs people's memory and all his actions are determined by the energy and thoughts of people he came in contact with. He has no purpose and his actions random. His gains existence through the meaning that people give to his form.

Absolutely worth breaking a fifty.

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