Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Mourning After - HSKU 2009

Syukur alhamdulillah. So, what was done was done. 9 July 2010. It wasn't a perfect night. But nothing traumatic happened to me last night and that was enough.
And I don't really have photos. I believe once I snapped a photo on my behalf, I will instantly forget how the event sounded, how it seemed in my mind's eyes, the smell and the whole atmosphere. I just like to be in that moment, taking it all in, eventhough it's not much. You can imagine my parents' dismay when I came back from New Zealand!

That night, I talked to SM Zakir for the first time in my life, after all these years of my roguish foray in the writing life. I was immediately taken in by his generosity, his soft-spokenness and his humility. I mean, I don't even deserve to be breathing in the same space with this guy! I made a conclusion, the more substantial the writer is, the more kind, generous and approachable he or she is.

Norziati, another novelist-winner, I think she is more mature than I could ever be at her age. I was a girl on too much sugar that night. Nizar, a fellow teacher-writer, we clicked instantly.

Truth, I never have the confidence enough to be with these people. What do I call them? What are their names? What will they think about me? I'm actually more paranoid than Sylvia Plath, without the cigarettes, the drugs and the alcohol.

In the end, as a writer, you just write right, write now, right now. Now, I'm sad. I have to start from square one. Back to the drawing board. Day One.


  1. Assalamualaikum.
    Salam kunjungan. Tahniah atas kemenangan dalam HSKU 2009. Tidak rugi mengenali penulis hebat dan dalam kelas yang tersendiri. Jumpa lagi dalam edisi HSKU yang seterusnya. Insya-Allah. Terima kasih sudi mengunjungi blog kerdil hamba.

  2. Salam Nizar,

    Insya-Allah, kalau ada dapat idea menulis lagi. Terima kasih kerana mem'follow' blog saya.

  3. Salam,

    Tahniah juga. Dalam perbualan singkat, ada banyak yang terkesan. Boleh jadi azimat untuk saya terus berkarya. Kiranya saya faham dengan mendalam apa yang dibicarakan.

    Dan HSKU, memang mengujakan.

  4. Salam.

    Maaf terlewat mengucapkan, kerana saya ketinggalan mengikuti beritanya (sibuk kerana kelas telah bermula). Tahniah seribu kali buat puan, penulis kesayangan saya nombor satu. Semoga puan akan terus cemerlang, insya Allah.

  5. Juliana,

    Terima kasih. Selamat mengikuti dunia akademia. Oh, masa paling seronok di dalam hidup.