Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Working Woman-Mother's Guide to Writing

The Working Woman-Mother's Guide to Writing
Sri Rahayu Mohd Yusop

After a month's worth of the boss' abuse
Finally you found some time to put your brain to use
Find your muse, light your fuse
Dig up some some books
Take the phone off the hook
Instant dinner, load the printer
A quick check through the children's schoolbag
Supervise homework or they'll be the classroom's gag
Play some music
Pray nobody fall sick
Tuck the children early.

Honey, don't wait for me.


  1. Oooh! You do know how to rhyme, and ryhme very well :-)

  2. Here's a limerick for you. A limerick is supposed to be funny, but well, I'm not as good as you, so here goes:

    Sri Rahayu is the writer,
    whose work I admire,
    She used to be so elusive,
    as if her life is exclusive,
    But now I understand her.

  3. Juliana,

    That is wonderful! The first for me.