Sunday, August 15, 2010


I was going through a serious pre-Aidilfitri spring cleaning and found that stuff I had when I was 20- 24 years old are deteriorating fast – yellow, dry and brittle paper. Even the arcrylic is chipping off. The pastel crayon is becoming dust thin. So, knowing that the Internet is probably the most stable place for keeping memories – until the world runs out of order and all of us are just fighting for food, water and air, I’ve decided to ‘immortalize’ my mortal stuff here.

I was a bit of an artist. I mastered every medium except oil for the simple fact that it is costly and very difficult to handle. I love arcrylic the most because I can just layer and layer the canvas, or the cardboard or the TV box until I receive the intended product.

I went through this ‘gothic’ art period WAY before they parade the style in Berjaya Times Square. But I wasn’t a goth girl. It’s just that black is such a moody colour and it is timeless too. Black became the base for many of my artwork.

This trio is called ‘Despair Death Irony’ in oil pastel. Cheap. Like NZ dollar 2.30 per box. Remember that I had to work in a cherry farm for the only summer I’ve got in New Zealand while others flew home. Go figure. I wish I was cheerful when I was 22. But I wasn’t.

I had no idea why on earth did I drew this. But Allah SWT has a plan for me. I had no title for it then. But I do now. It’s called ‘Motherhood’ in 4B, 5B & 6B.

 I took Mythology 101 and a series of artwork came about based on Greek Mythology. I didn’t really like Greek mythology but I just play along so I could produce a decent folio for the lecturer who was impressed that I could draw and colour well. The others in the course were too drunk to do anything. Think about it, I was the only one sober, by virtue of my birth.

This is my rendition of Hades – in 2B pencil.

This is entitled ‘Walking Through the Gates of the Underworld’. Did not know what was going through my mind. In colour pencil & oil pastel.

I have more.


  1. Cantik...mungkin suatu hari nanti Kak Sri Rahayu boleh buka galeri lukisan pula:)

  2. Salam Lailati,

    Terima kasih atas pujian anda. Dalam imaginasi memang sudah tiga lukisan berada di Louvre, France. Dalam imaginasi.

  3. Salam.

    So, you can write well and you can draw, too! I wonder what other (hidden) creative talents you have.

    BTW, about editing comments in our own blog, that can definitely be done if you are using Wordpress as the platform. That's why I prefer Wordpress to Blogspot. Although Blogspot is easy-peasy to use, Wordpress offers more flexibility.

    If one day you decide to buy/own a domain name and migrate to Wordpress, I can help you set it up.

  4. Nana,

    Thankx for the info! InysaAllah one day. I'm still struggling with this one. One cannot help but wonder why this blog looks so boring and nothing is done.

  5. Puan Sri,
    Don't worry about the look. Although I don't deny that good design always attracts more attention, in the end its the content that matters most. This perspective is through my own learning process.

    During the early days of blogging, I can't help falling in love with good-looking, flashy design of blog themes. As I grow wiser (chey wah!), I learned that content is king, unless you are a web designer whose website contents are mainly graphics and images. But even so, I noticed that web designers or graphic designers like to maintain simplistic designs, because they don't want the design to overshadow the content.

    For good writings as yours, leave the worry of having plain-looking design far far behind. Your writing speaks louder.

  6. Nana,

    That's a really good advice.That means I have to concentrate on producing content. Preferably good content.