Saturday, August 7, 2010


There’s a hot gossip in the workplace these days. A few colleagues are saying that the size of the circumference of Earth’s rotation in its orbit has reduced and that makes us, Earth-dwellers, actually having less than 24 hours. In a jest, I said that the scientists should start revising the number of hours we experience in a day and a night.

But really, being so close to the way how the sun moves (that determines our time for prayers) I don’t think we are having less time than what we in the past. It is only our perception of time have made us think we have less time.

The element of distraction is the worst culprit. I should have an hour of writing my story but I wrote this entry. Previously, I should had time talking with the boys but I watched a B grade martial art film with them instead, so they would stop talking. The element of distance being travelled is another. During weekdays, there are trips and driving to and fro to be made over 50 kilometres in a day.

Most importantly, the kind of preoccupation you have over making sure that things are done ON TIME. And being in school, the calendar is like a mission chart.

Patriotism Month. Being a resident writer I must write a 15 minute drama for the kids to act in. I must warn them about them about the faulty public announcement system.

Ramadhan – school is dismissed half an hour earlier. Fish-hunting trip. No more instant dinner.

The PMR trial – one more week. It’s do or die, for both students and teachers.


Trial paper grading – it all come down to this.

Aidilfitri – only a few things grieve me more than a celebration before a public exam.

• Two weeks of time after the holidays before the real PMR


PMR - if it's ever to be abolished, I shall remain, but think of all the tuition centres being closed down, and the reference book publishing industry will suffer. Life as we know it will change. No more tuition fees, more storybook time - Hooray!

Post-PMR programmes – which are actually a lot harder to organize than lessons.

Life goes on until

See, just ticking off the calender in breakneck speed makes me think that time is running faster than it ever has. If I get to be 75, will the clock slows down? Or I’ll be just like what I am now – hurtling down the cliff of time.


  1. thanx for the 'reminder' least I can prepare something for this coming events....hehehe :

  2. Dear Sul,

    Selamat berpuasa,
    Jangan tak siap kerja,
    Nanti diri terseksa,
    Orang raya kita menderita.

  3. Salam.
    Biarlah kita kesuntukan masa kerana melakukan sesuatu yang berfaedah daripada kita selalu merungut ketidakcukupan waktu melakukan sesuatu yang sia-sia. Selamat berpuasa.