Thursday, November 25, 2010


I’m one of the billion people who has the luck of working in a structure of hierarchy so complex I just make myself dizzy by just waking up in the morning. I’m also lucky that in my line of profession, I can maintain or even upgrade my physical fitness until my retirement. I’m even scared of retirement. My physique that is tailored to tremendous cardio exercise of speed walking 3 kilometres daily will suddenly deteriorate. Teaching is one of those jobs where they don’t care whether you are 24 or 54. You are still going to climb to level 4, seven times a day. Then, you have the sports sessions. Do you think they just let you sit at the edge of the field while you enjoy a tanning session? No, There are all levels of shouting, running, arm movements to be carried out. So, for that I’m thankful. I’ll don’t a health club membership until I’m 56.

But most of the time some jobs do really make you sick in the most detrimental way. Right now, at the last leg of publishing the school magazine, I can feel I’m getting sick in the most insane way. I felt I was going to throw up all the time and I am sure it is not morning sickness because I know how and why people get morning sickness. With my stress level this high, there is no way I’m going to do things that cause morning sickness. And of course, I cannot sleep. I am thinking of all the things that can go wrong. I was thinking of angry superiors. I was thinking of all sorts of dissatisfaction from all levels of clients. I’ll jump at every phone call I receive. Strangely, my phone suddenly rings all the time at this time of year while it stays relatively quiet the rest of the year. Most of the time, I wish I just can can get up and leave, never look back. The mental picture of a passionate and patient woman, with just a few of her belongings walking away from a bad place not once looking back in the dead of night keep playing in my stressed mind. She, even with all her virtue, has decided it is time to leave. This would make a start to a brilliant adventure story. A fantasy even. Where is she going? Can she just leave without risks and consequences? The monsters will chase her of course. And why is she so special in the first place? Who will she meet? In all the impending adversity, will she find peace?

So, full time writers, gloat. Make the best of your freedom. We, creatures of the structure/ system, revel in burning envy.


  1. If it was, last time when I wasn't working at the library, I'd say to myself: at least I still have a job.

    Working at the library, blissful as it is for a booklover like me, still has its ups and downs. But there's nowhere else I'd like to be.

    Stress is good sometimes.

  2. Oh Nana,

    I can only imagine how blissful it is surrounded by books! I'm not complaining about the core job which is teaching.It's the other little jobs on the side. And of course, the superiors! But I'm just venting steam here. I'll be fine in a few days. Thanks.

  3. Perhaps you should realise WHY you were Edditor (misspelling intended! HA!). It is like The Secret says - surround yourself with books, writing and unfailing fire to fame and glory - and POOF! You are a school mag editor! Focus , my dear Jedi!

  4. Jules,

    You should help me get better emotionally, not add salt to my already infected wounds! Jedi I am not. But Jar Jar Binks you are!