Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Drowning in music, songs and stories.

The 'Rekoder'
I heard Lee Dewyze’s new song today and I began to think of songs that see me through the years. I’m not the concert going type as crowds paralyze me. I’m never the instrument-playing type as I had a traumatizing experience in primary school in music class caused an in-class cigarette-smoking teacher. The dreadful ‘rekoder’was the end of any musical inclination in me. But music had been with me through the years as I am a very good listener eventhough I don't follow trends in fashion no matter what kind of stuff I listen to.

Grunge Girl
I prefered grunge rock in the 90’s. Radiohead topped of the list – don’t leave me high, don’t leave my dry. Nirvana (speaks for itself). Pearl Jam. Don’t call me daughter! King Jeremy the wicked, ruled his world. Then, the Smashing Pumpkins! The world is a vampire, send to drain secret destroyers. I love the grunge era because the songs are just so sad. Obviously, being happy was hard work for me.

My Own Prison
The year 2000 came and it just continue being musically depressive. Linkin Park’s early work was sick. Remember In The End? Numb? Then there’s Creed. My Own Prison was my anthem. The title speaks for itself. Next, Staind released Break the Cycle and the abyssimally sad album was the theme for Merdekakan Cinta Ratna. The product? Number 3 in the HSKU 2002. Had I not been that disturbed, I could have produced something better. MCR is my first and last ‘feminist’ material. It’s about the stupidity of women who can leave criminally destructive relationships. And that’s that. I had to get it out of my system.

Electronic Dream
As the 21st century reached a new decade I open up my listening options. I still see stories in songs eventhough the songs are not as sad. Linkin Park still rules with it dreadfully depressive songs. Waiting For the End – the hardest thing is starting over again. Oh God, who can write like that? The saddest song in recent memory. The Fray had some memorable motto I quote all the time to obstinate family members – Never Say Never, You Found Me. But then there’s Owl City’s Fireflies. Is Adam Young on somekind of drug? Who write about fireflies and the earth turning slowly? But then I get it. It is probably Al Gore-inspired. I thoroughly enjoy Hayley William’s chorus in Airplanes. I mean, in what kind of desperation are you that you wish on the blinking lights of airplanes in the sky now that you cannot see any shooting stars? What kind of sky do we have today that you can’t see any stars? Heady stuff.

Stories Rock! Stories written in songs rock even harder!
It’s not about the rhythm as much as the story written in those words. Stories unfold like secrets being told. Like an unknown birthday of a worthy colleague laid bare before your eyes on the very same day. Some people think stories are masks, vessels, whatever. But stories help me make sense of life. These songs, turned into stories, are a treasury of materials for writing inspiration.

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